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Giesen delivers high-quality precision machining with an incredible range of manufacturing light lenses. From prototyping to mass production, we help manufacture products with complex geometries and high aesthetic demands. Our skilled experts and advanced technologies allow us to deliver an extensive range of on-demand manufacturing services.

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How Giesen Works

With many years of manufacturing experience, Giesen offers the best solutions for all rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing needs. We streamline the innovation cycle into three simple but effective steps.

Get Instant Quote

Tell us your great idea and we will provide a free design analysis of your idea.

Start Production

After you place your order, we start the manufacturing process. Furthermore, our platform provides you with real-time updates of the production phase.

Receive Your Custom Products

Once Products pass quality inspections they are well packed for delivery. Rest assured with our 30-day quality guarantee.

Why Choose Giesen

Turn your concept into reality with outstanding manufacturing services. Giesen has strong and efficient manufacturing capabilities, producing both simple and complex prototypes and end uses. All of our products meet strict quality standards, making us a leading manufacturing company in China.

Smart Online Quotation Platform

Giesen uses the most advanced and efficient online quotation services that focus on and manufacturability of your products. Configure your Light Lens and get manufacturing quotes from the interactive quotation platform within seconds. you can be sure of better machinability, lower manufacturing costs, and faster lead times.

Powerful Manufacturing Capabilities

From prototyping to mass production,Giesen combines high-
quality materials with state-of-the-art technologies to bring
products to life. Our factory has every machining you can think of,
ranging from flood light lenses, street light lenses and other products, with a complete and scientific quality management system.
We combine these with highly skilled and experienced technicians
who work round the clock to ensure optimal product quality.

Powerful Manufacturing Capabilities

Giesen offers expert service engineers with the experience to provide answers to all your manufacturing inquiries. Our professional engineers provide professional advicethat helps optimize your design, save cost, and attain better or more consistent quality control through standardization. Our professional personnel is always ready to deliver outstanding engineering support and help you get the best from your project.

From Prototyping to Production

Rapid Prototyping

With our instant quotation platform and robust manufacturing capabilities, we can deliver exceptional prototypes within short lead times. This enables you to quickly and bring them to market faster.

Bridge Production

Minimize the disparity between the design and the eventual launch of the product. Our skilled engineering team to offer valuable design recommendations for your production parts, ensuring practical solutions for your needs.

On-Demand Production

Comprehensive on-demand production service that guarantees quality in all our products. Our advanced production process ensures efficient production rates, enabling us to provide just-in-time delivery for your production Light Lens.

Light Lens Quality Ensured By Expertise Experience

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Expert Technical Support

With a group of dedicated and competent engineers and technicians, Giesen can help tackle your concerns with proactive and professional support 24/7.

Rigorous Quality Control

We follow a strict quality control system to ensure the superior quality prototypes and production light lens manufactured.

Expert Technical Support

If the Products fail to meet the required specifications, kindly contact us within five business days of receiving your order, and we will resolve your problem within 1-3 business days.

Work With Numerous Industries

With materials as well as highly advanced on-demand manufacturing techniques, we offer high-quality products

Make On Demand Manufacturing Easier, Faster

We have a team of skilled engineers ready to support you in your product development journey from prototyping to production.

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